Good Ole Days

You remember the end of the show “The Office” when Andy says this:

Well, I was thinking about that recently.  I think that’s just a natural part of moving on, right?  For example, when I worked at North Callaway, I had a blast.  I had a lot of gratitude for my experience there even in that moment.  I knew it was something special even then.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t have bad days- sometimes even awful days.  But overall, I knew it was good times.

After NC, I moved on to FHHS.  It was literally my dream come true.  And I got to do so many amazing things there.  I think I took some of it for granted by the end because, well, it was just time to go.  Now I realize that.  I look back on that time and feel lots of love and gratitude for my experience there.  And even the negative aspects helped me grow and prepare so much for moving forward.  I am so grateful for all the learning I did while I was there, the life that happened to me while I was there, and most of all, the people who became part of my soul who I never would have known had it not been for Howell.

Now at my new school, I miss some things about my past places, but again, like at NC, I realize how special this time is.  I know I’m going to grow so much, hopefully have a positive impact, and make some great memories here.

At each transition, I look back on the previous and think about how good it was.  I think we naturally do that.  In relationships, in life, everywhere.  I still talk to my NC people who had such an impact on me, even a decade later.

I think we do always know it’s the good ole days.  Life just keeps getting better and better.  The kids get more and more fun.  Home gets more and more like home.  My job gets more and more exciting.  It’s just a matter of staying grateful.  That’s the lesson Howell taught me, I think.  How important it is to keep perspective on what’s important, what was, and what’s to come.  In the words of my wise friend Russell, to find the good and to do good.

Morning Hike

The weather is too delightful to do much other than be outside.  Fall and spring have a lot in common as far as their effect on me- I feel rejuvenated and ready to do something new.  Even though in fall, things are burning their last brightness and dying and preparing for winter, it feels like a nice, cool glass of crisp, ice water after a long, hot, humid St. Louis summer day.  It’s refreshing.  I love it.

I like fall more than spring, even though they have an equally energizing feeling for me.  My two favorite holidays- Halloween and Thanksgiving- are during fall.  The colors are also better- orange > pastels, says the lady with the light yellow kitchen and an affinity for mint green.  Anyway, the past couple days gifted us with some beautiful, cool breezes- a little hint of what’s very soon to come.  So we had to go enjoy it.

Normally, every Labor Day weekend, we go camping.  Not this year.  Not last year, come to think of it, either.  So I feel at a loss for what to do with myself.  Yesterday, I thought it would be lovely to go do an easy hike with the kids.  And then I thought it would be even better if it was followed up with some of the yummiest crispy-edge burgers and cheese fries in the greater metro area.  So we headed to Powder Valley this morning and ended up at Carl’s Drive In after.  Lovely, lovely.

Lucy was thrilled to be let loose in the “forest” as Nick called it.  She wasn’t scared and sometimes even ran ahead of her big brother!

AIMG_3104 AIMG_3109 AIMG_3118

Nick is a natural explorer.  He found a perfect walking stick at the trailhead and was thrilled to be able to use it as we hiked.  He found spiders and squirrels, but we didn’t see any other animals.  He was so excited and he didn’t stop talking the whole hike.  It was delightful.

AIMG_3136 AIMG_3138 AIMG_3150

I had brought my camera to take some photos of the kids.  Of course, when Nick sees my camera out, he thinks he’s entitled to take some photos.  With good reason, really.  He’s a better photographer than I am, I think!  I let him take some photos.  He took some of the trees, the rocks, us, but my favorite was this one of Lucy.  I’m telling you, he’s got some talent.  🙂


After the hike, we went to the little nature center.  Nick had a wonderful time looking at the animals and making a new friend he called only “girl.”  They held hands and went through the place with Lucy trailing along- a preview of the future, perhaps?  🙂  There was a pond outside that had a big window inside which was Nick’s favorite thing.  He’s been asking us to go to the aquarium lately, so he was thrilled.  It was a sweet time.

PicMonkey Collage

After we went to Carl’s, which I’ve always thought of as sort of a pain, but it’s actually charming and delightful, not to mention the awesome food.  I love taking the kids there for some reason- it just feels like a place I want them to remember going to as children.  Spencer’s elementary school principal used to take him there, and it’s very special to him.  After that, we headed back out to St. Charles county where I guess we belong, and I finally got to start changing the colors of the interior walls at our new house.  I cannot wait until it’s all done!  Bye-bye, every shade of tan one can imagine!  Hello, gray.  😀

Our New Home

Our new home is very lovely.  It’s everything I ever dreamed of, really.  I always thought, both growing up and as an adult, that all I ever wanted was a typical, sunny suburban home.  As an adult, I got more particular- a four bedroom ranch with a laundry room with a window and a kitchen island.  If I was extra lucky, maybe a wall oven and a high ceiling or two.  More than anything, I wanted a yard where my kids could run and explore and play.  A place where we could have family and friends over.  This house has all those things, and even more that we didn’t even know we wanted.

I don’t feel quite at home yet- I think it’s the previous owners’ paint colors still on the walls.  But Spencer and the kids seem right at home.  Lucy was so thrilled with her big girl bed.  And Nick with his room.  They both love the play room in the basement.  And they enjoy the yard so much.  Our neighbors have a swingset with a few swings they let my kids use.  It’s right on the line between our yards by the woods.  (Woods!  We have trees!  And woods!)  Lucy will swing forever if you let her.  Every evening, we take a family walk through our quiet and pretty neighborhood.  It’s seriously idyllic.  But again, it’s not quite mine yet.

I miss my little cottage.  I never, ever thought I would.  It’s where I brought my babies home.  It was our very first house.  We built it.  Everything in there was something we chose.  We learned to cook there.  We had some of the greatest ups and downs we’ve faced as a married couple there.  And now somebody else lives there.  It’s hard for me some days.  But it makes it a lot easier seeing my family so happy in our new home.  When we cook dinner as a family, when we had Nick’s birthday party, when the kids set up “dinosaur park” in our living room which is actually big enough for furniture AND playtime.  Family home evenings at home.  Nightly porch-sitting with Spencer after the kids are in bed.  Waking up to a view of our big backyard and the woods as opposed to our little bitty yard which backed up to Tommy and Megan’s little backyard and their home.  I burn my fall candles, and it smells like our house.  Taking out our fall decor and putting up our family photos.  All of these things makes it easier.

Everyday in our house, it becomes more ours.  And we’ll bring our new baby home here.  And our babies love it and Spencer loves it and really, I love it too.  I’ll just love it more when it’s painted gray and yellow.  🙂





An Illinois Evening with Lucy

The past few posts have been very Nick-centric with his birthday and party and everything.  This one has lots of Lucy photos, and I’ll take some time to talk about her and do a little update on her too.

We went over to Illinois for a family dinner/party with Spencer’s family.  Spencer’s uncle and his family were in town from Germany, and we always get together when they are here.  It was a rainy day, but the rain didn’t stop Lucy from wanting to play outside!


The rain ended right around sundown.  There was a gorgeous double rainbow and lots of golden sunset-y light goodness.  I had to take some photos!  Nick was inside participating in a giant multi-cousin wrestling match, so Lucy and I went outside and while she explored and danced, I snapped photos.





Lucy is nearly a year and a half old.  She has a huge personality that seems to get bigger every day!  She’s a very passionate baby.  Dramatic, silly, and fun.  She is a happy and loving girl, but when she loses her temper, boy watch out!  She is fiercely independent, intent on doing most things by herself.  It makes for messy and hilarious days with this girl.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She really likes to dance.  She loves music and is very interested in the piano.  She wants to do anything and everything her big brother can do, which results in a broken heart sometimes when he’s doing big boy stuff that she just can’t do yet.  But she gets along just fine and does a lot of things that he does that I probably wouldn’t have had Nick doing when he was her age, but this time is different.

She’s an absolute delight, a light of our life.  Lucy is the perfect name for this sweet, independent, happy, and adventurous girl.






Nick’s Birthday Party

Nick’s birthday party was this past weekend.  It was so fun!  I’m so glad I was able to give him a big party.  Last year, we had to cancel his party because he was sick.  Actually, we were all dreadfully sick.  It was gross.  Anyway, this year, I knew with moving and a new job and all of these things, that it might be tough, but I was dedicated!  I wanted him to have a friend party and a great time.

So I got a bounce house from our good friends at Bounce House STL.  I got a bunch of Fitz’s soda, a Costco cake, and my mom brought some sandwiches.  Then I invited anybody who I thought would enjoy being there and/or who had kids who would enjoy being there.  I wanted it to be pretty low-key.  Just friends and family at our home doing stuff Nick loves- eating cake and bouncing in a bounce house.  We were lucky to have a really nice day.  It had been super duper hot and the forecast went back and forth between like 100 degrees and/or storming that day.  Ugh.  But we lucked out and while it wasn’t crisp and cool, it was not nearly as hot as it had been.  Nick still got real crazy sweaty because he was addicted to his bounce house. He was committed to staying hydrated though.  🙂


A lot of friends and family came to celebrate Nick’s birthday.  He had an absolute blast!  He keeps talking about how his birthday party was so special and that his “whole friends and family” were there.  He couldn’t believe he got so many gifts!  We all slept really good that night.


I was excited to have our first party at our new house.  It definitely passed the entertaining test!  I didn’t feel stressed or worried that we would run out of room.  The backyard tree provided shade for people, and there was room to be inside as well.



I took almost no pictures- I was having too much fun!  Actually, as soon as I grabbed my camera to go out and take photos, the toilet overflowed.  So that foiled my picture-taking plans a little.  Everything was fine though.  It was a lovely, lovely day full of love and happiness.  I’m so glad Nick got to have a wonderful party.